Discovery Car Insurance

Introduction to Discovery

Discovery Car Insurance is a leading insurance provider in South Africa that offers comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage options to its customers.

The company was founded to provide innovative and affordable solutions for individuals looking for reliable car insurance services.

History and Background

The Discovery Group, which includes Discovery Car Insurance, was established in 1992 by Adrian Gore as an independent financial service organization based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Since then it has grown into one of the largest insurers on the African continent offering various types of insurance including life cover, and health care plans among others.

South Africa’s automobile industry continues to grow at a rapid pace; hence many players are competing within this space making it a highly competitive marketplace.

Products Offered by Discovery Car Insurance

Discovery provides three main categories under its vehicle protection plan:

– Comprehensive Cover

This policy covers all damages caused due to accidents or thefts along with third-party liability claims against you.

– Third Party Fire & Theft

Covers only damage done from fire or if your car gets stolen but not any other accidental damage incurred while driving,

– Third-party Only

Provides basic legal requirements needed when owning a motor vehicle such as covering costs related solely towards third parties involved during an accident where you were found liable.

Unique Features & Advantages

One unique feature offered through Discovery’s policies is telematics technology used for tracking driver behavior. The patterns allowing safe drivers lower premiums than those who have been deemed high risk according to data collected over periods.

It ranges between six months up until two years depending upon individual circumstances like age group etc. Additionally, they offer Vitality Drive program incentivizing healthy living habits amongst clients via discounts given gym memberships, etc.

Customer Service Experience

Customers can manage their accounts online using the customer portal available on the website enabling them to access information about payments made so far plus upcoming ones too without having call center agents intervene unnecessarily unless required otherwise.

The mobile app is also available for download on both Android and iOS devices, allowing policyholders access to all aspects of their accounts from anywhere at any time.


Discovery Car Insurance offers a range of comprehensive car insurance policies that cater to the needs of different customers.

With its innovative telematics technology and Vitality Drive program incentivizing healthy living habits amongst clients via discounts given gym memberships etc., it has become one of South Africa’s leading insurers in this space providing excellent customer service experience through online portals as well as mobile apps making managing your auto-insurance coverage easy while being cost-effective too!