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The three most popular car insurance coverage plans are comprehensive, third-party only, the third party with fire and theft. Almost every country requires new drivers to carry some kind of car insurance policy, many insurers now offer optional additional coverage for younger drivers who have not yet built a profile as high-risk drivers. The minimum type of car insurance required in South Africa is third party only that protects the policyholder against damage or destruction of a third parties car or bodily injury.

You might be a responsible driver, but not all are like you. If you have a car insurance policy in place and you get into an accident you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered. It can happen that the other party involved does not have the cover or the money to pay for your damages, even if they are the guilty party. A lot of South Africans do not have car insurance in place, because they think they will not be able to afford it or that they will never get into an accident (because they are responsible drivers). Do not be a person this likely incident happens to.

It is unfortunate, but the individuals that need insurance does not have it. It is individuals like taxi drivers and we all know how irresponsible they can be on the roads. There are also a lot of drivers that do not even have a license to drive but does not obey the rules. If you get into an accident with an unlicensed driver, chances are that they do not have the finances to pay for your damages.

Even if you purchase the cheapest car insurance, it is better to have it than nothing.

If you want to find quotes and offers to compare, you can do it with us. We can provide you with offers from various insurance providers in South Africa. You can compare each policy and purchase the cheapest option that will be beneficial to you and your circumstances. The agents that will get into contact with you are there to assist you for free and make sure that you get the car insurance that you need. Make use of their assistance until you get what you deserve.

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