Virgin Money Car Insurance: Get Affordable Coverage and Rewards

Are you looking for an affordable car insurance policy that also offers rewards?

Virgin Money South Africa may be the perfect fit. They offer comprehensive, third party theft; fire, and only third-party cover to other types of vehicles like 4x4s and caravans. Plus they promise fixed premiums in your first year if no claims are made – plus there’s no excess on any claim over R5000!

As of November 2018 – AIG (American International Group) has taken over from Dial Direct as their underwriter so now customers can get access to three products including Home Content Cover, Funeral Cover & Car Insurance with a Cash Back incentive too!

Benefits Of Choosing Virgin Motor Insurance

The red & white colours associated with this insurer might make it seem more inviting but what really sets them apart is trustworthiness.

You won’t find yourself being cheated out of a good deal here because all policies come exactly as promised – even better sometimes thanks to the added bonus of accessing great discounts through their reward programme ‘Virgin Money’.

Other Benefits From Virgin SA Insurers

Roadside assistance anywhere within South African borders or SADC countries such Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, and Swaziland etc., will help those who travel off road often feel secure knowing they’re covered should anything happen while away from home.

Medical aid when either you or someone else involved in accident gets hurt short term insurances available trailers motorcycles watercrafts etc makes sure whatever vehicle needs protection its got!

Lastly cash back incentives mean not having worry about penalty fees due non fault accidents which seems pretty fair overall.


Even though Virgin does not underwrites it’s own car insurance policies, the underwrite AIG is a well-known insurance company in the world.

Here in InsuranceForACar we want to assist you to get the best insurance possible.