Frequently Asked Questions On Car Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance

Frequently asked questions about car insurance are not what they used to be. While we once only got two or three questions about each topic that was occurring in the news, we now get as many as 200 in one hour! Car insurance is an incredibly complicated field with hundreds of laws and hundreds of facts. Because of this, no one person can answer every question that is asked about insurance. Although it is important to have car insurance!

I’m going to give you a sample list of frequently asked questions about insurance. One of the most common questions is, what happens if you get into an accident without insurance? This question is asked almost daily. I’ve heard people asking if you get hit by a truck and your car won’t go to the hospital, what do you do?

The short answer is; you call your insurance agent and find out what coverage you have. He or she will either tell you to go to the nearest hospital or tell you to have an x-ray done. No one is ever going to suggest to you that you don’t have insurance. If you’re hit by a truck, your priority is going to be protecting your life. It doesn’t matter what the cost of the repair is. The point is that you need to be properly compensated for your injuries.

Another frequently asked questions about insurance are, will my insurance work for me if I am driving a friend’s vehicle? This is a very common problem. If you’re driving another people’s vehicle, you must first sign a written contract stating that you both will drive together. If you do that then your insurance won’t cover any damage to their car if you cause an accident. You have to be careful if you’re driving someone else’s car. If they are at fault in an accident you can sue them and recover damages from them.

Frequently asked questions about insurance may also include questions about no-fault accidents. In this case, the insurance company won’t pay your damages if you are at fault in an accident. This means you could be sued for not just the damages but possibly medical bills as well. If you get hit by a vehicle other people are responsible for, you won’t be covered. If that’s the case and you have no-fault insurance, you will have to get your medical bills paid for and you’ll be responsible for paying them on your own.

One more frequently asked questions about insurance that you may be concerned with is, what if I get in an accident and my car won’t start? Some cars won’t start at all in an accident. Others may run into a ditch and so forth. If this happens to you, you won’t be covered for the damages you incur. However, some insurance companies will replace your car if it runs a limited number of miles. It is also important to leave reviews for others to read.