Car Safety Tips for All Drivers

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Following tips to keep safe on the South African roads

If you want to stay safe behind the wheel of a car, here are some tips for drivers. Don’t make assumptions. Use your anti-lock brakes, maintain a safe following distance, and don’t get aggressive while driving. Below are some common mistakes drivers make, and how to avoid them. Also, learn to avoid the dangers of distracted driving and other car hazards. And don’t forget to read the other articles in this series for more tips!

Avoiding Assumptions

When driving, it is important to avoid making assumptions. These can affect your safety and your ability to see what is in front of you. Drivers often assume that cars going the other way will stay in their lane. This strategy makes driving safer because it eliminates the obvious situation and lets drivers focus on what is ahead. However, this can be dangerous, especially if you’re driving on a one-way street. By knowing the common mistakes, you’ll be able to avoid them.

Maintaining a safe following distance

To avoid being involved in a collision, drivers should always maintain a safe following distance. Following too closely can lead to a crash. It is a good idea to discuss the safe following distance with your driver. It is also recommended to increase your following distance if you have more than one car. Drivers should also maintain a safe distance when merging with traffic and changing lanes. Always check your mirrors for cars behind you, especially taxis. They do not keep a safe following distance, so you must be aware of them when you have to stop suddenly.

Avoiding aggressive driving

You must avoid aggressive driving situations by not engaging in eye contact, avoiding yelling and tailgating, and always remaining calm under pressure. Tailgating can lead to collisions when someone is angry. Yelling can take your eyes off the road, which can lead to an accident. While honking and horn tapping are acceptable, long blasts are not. Drivers should also be considerate of other vehicle owners when parking, making sure not to hit the cars in front of them or open their doors too closely. If you encounter aggressive driving, call the police and let them know where you are.

Using anti-lock brakes

If you’re new to anti-lock braking systems, here are a few tips to make them work better for you. First, do not panic if you hear a pulsating pedal when you apply the brakes. It’s normal for the system to kick in, and a panicked driver can cause a dangerous situation. You should also practice panic stops in an empty parking lot, and if possible, try to do them without pedestrians.

Avoiding distractions while driving

One of the biggest distractions behind the wheel is your phone. Make sure to turn your phone off or store it out of reach. You can also set your phone to “do not disturb” mode and leave a message for a loved one. Remember that there are laws prohibiting using your phone while behind the wheel. Even if you’re not using your phone while driving, you could be cited if you are caught holding it while stopping at a red light. Always make sure that your kids are seated and wearing their safety belts. It can be distracting when there are children moving around in the car while driving. It is also very dangerous because statistically, most children do not make it after an accident where there were no safety precautions in place.

Financial Safety Protection

These are a few tips for South African drivers to stay safe on our roads. Another aspect of safety is having a proper car insurance plan in place in case of an accident. Visit our FAQ for related questions regarding motor cover in South Africa.

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